About Hero

Hello, I am Hero. This is not my real name, but I have adopted it as a bit of a sarcastic joke, because I have been told I am a hero for what I have been doing on behalf of my son, DS, since his onset of severe mental illness (schizoaffective disorder with psychosis) in the summer of 2007. For right now I want to keep my disguise in place, and my secret identity a secret. Paranoid delusions are a major source of my son’s suffering, and I would not want him to be hurt by knowing his story is on the internet, at this time.

I think our story is worth telling. It will be very therapeutic for me to tell it. I hope in telling this story I can help another parent or family member who is struggling to help their family member. Answers have not been very forthcoming in my research.  I think I may still be asking the wrong questions. I hope while I am telling my story, someone else will tell me part of theirs, and maybe things will start to make a little sense.

We live in the state of Georgia, USA.

Thank you for reading,