Blog Hunt: Mental Illness Blogs

I felt it was time to fix up my blogroll a little more. Here are some blogs I added today.

For Better, For Worse, In Sickness, In Health
is the blog of the wife of a man with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder. I was very moved by her post about her lil’man, their three-year old son. Having a son that age, I can sympathize. Fortunately, in our case, his older brother’s illness has not affected my three-year old as profoundly.

 is the blog of a 25-year old schizophrenic. In the post Masterful Domains I was reminded that the fear of psychosis is absolutely real to the person experiencing it.

A Broken Mind
is an informational blog about schizophrenia with one of the prettier WordPress themes I think I have seen. It is an article style blog with useful, factual information. I would be curious to know a little more about the blogger’s life and what motivated them to start this blog. We all must give what we can when we can.

The Bipolar Diaries
is Danielle’s blog and she also happens to be a great amateur photographer.

A Long Walk to Forever
is Catherine’s blog. I am not sure whether she has bipolar or depression or something else, but she is recently dropping one of her medications, Geodon. I love the little poetic quips at the end of some of the posts.

Robert Wilkens Home Page
There is very little to be seen in Rob’s blog about mental health right now. I very much appreciate that reminder that people are not their diagnosis, and many people are able to get on with their lives in a very functional way. I thank Rob again for the insights he gave me into schizoaffective disorder in his comment he made here on my blog.

So there you have it. I am open to any suggestions of other blogs to add to my blogroll. Your comments are welcome below.

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5 Comments on “Blog Hunt: Mental Illness Blogs”

  1. Rob Wilkens Says:

    re: My blog and mental illness..

    Actually, today I have a story about Cell phone use and mental illness in my blog.. But I decided to remove most stories of mental health from my past, and incidentally, when I did, my ad revenue (no, I don’t make lots of money from my site, but I’ve earned about $3.00 since october) went up significantly. The _day after_ I removed the mental health links, the advertising went up to 25-cents for that day, then the next day advertising went up another $1 for the next day. It slowly fell off again, but my point is advertisers don’t seem to like talk of mental illness on the blog, and that was entirely unscientific.

    i.e. One post i’m talking about windows media center and some cable companies and media pc providers are trying to advertise their products, then the next post before or after it had a mental health topic in it, and suddenly, they don’t want to be associated with it.

    I hate to talk against my own advertisers, but I just tried to block one (with google adsense settings) called “Schizophrenia – the bearded lady disease” which just sounds aweful and I shiver every time I see the ad. I know if I was an advertiser I wouldn’t want to be listed next to “The bearded lady disease”.

    Again, I’ve only made about $3 in ad revenu since late October when I set it up, but I’d prefer not to chase away the “good” advertisers.

  2. Danielle Blogging for Balance Says:

    Thank you for the ‘shout out’ and putting me on your blogroll. I just subscribed to your blog and look forward to getting to know you better 😉

  3. Hero Says:

    LOL about “the bearded lady disease.” I am a little surprised about mental health ads not paying well. I have another website, of a Christian theme, and I once got two clicks that paid fifty cents each for a Christian drug rehabilitation center… too bad the ad did not run longer. You could try to have more than one blog or website for different major topics. I am sure you have thought of that, and the trade-off is having the time to keep up with it.

  4. Stephanie Says:

    Can I just say something about the book “Schizophrenia the Bearded Lady Disease.” I know the man who wrote the book and we have debated the subject many times. I do not agree with him, but I will tell you he means well. He believes in what he writes, or I would not have let him put my writing about my schizophrenic father on wis webpage. I think all theories should be talked about to find a cure-even his.

  5. Hero Says:

    Thanks, Stephanie, and I would have to agree that all theories about the cause of mental illness deserve a hearing. From the perspective of someone “not in the know” about the bearded lady disease theory (if that is what it is), it just sounds a bit comical. Thanks for your comment.