Blog Discovery: Robert Wilkins

I am so tempted to steal this headline: Help solve the problem of mental illness… Get us away from the people that make us crazy!

I wanted to leave a comment for Robert on his site, but it resulted in a slew of errors related to SQL or something like that. I hope he gets this trackback, and I just wanted to tell him: “Thanks for the heads up on the legislation about housing for the mentally ill. I may be a bit late, however it is an issue I will have an interest in for some time to come. I have been talking on my blog about the challenges for my son since he became schizoaffective this year. I just love your headline, good one, lol.”

{Update April 28, 2008: Rob has begun a new blog at}

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4 Comments on “Blog Discovery: Robert Wilkins”

  1. Robert Wilkens Says:

    Don’t know what errors you saw (I haven’t been using my site in a few weeks, been busy with my software project) but the post and the trackback both came through :-). Don’t have time tonight to try and fix it, but I appreciate the heads-up that there was a problem.

    Feel free to use the headline.


  2. Robert Wilkens Says:

    The funny thing is 🙂 .. I left a comment on my site (as a new user) and it worked fine, then I came here and tried subscribing to your RSS feed (I was going to add it to my Blog Roll, which currently has nothing on it) and got a ‘404 Not found’ error on this site:-)

    I’m guessing the problems on my page were hosting server problems, I’m on the $3/month godaddy plan and don’t expect much for what I pay …

  3. Hero Says:

    LOL. I just ran another test comment on your site and it worked just fine. I am just so suspicious of technology. I never understand all these little flukes.

  4. Rob Wilkens Says:

    The article linked here is no longer on the site, so anyone who clicks on it may hit a ‘page not found’ error. Sorry about that, I cleared out the ‘mental hell’ category recently, in part due to the fact that I don’t like being reminded of it — and in part, because it turned out advertisers liked the site better without it — I may yet set up another blog dedicated to mental health, but if I do it may be more anonymous.