Dicken’s Therapy on a Self-Help Blog

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I like this self-help blog by Dr. Martin W. Russell. It is not specifically a mental illness blog, but in a sense it could be considered a mental health blog because of the benefit you could gain from some of his insights. The post on Dicken’s Therapy has caught my interest. The essence of it is that you imagine what people would say about you at your funeral if you died tomorrow. I made a comment that Dr. Russell responded to. Among other things he said,

Other people might call you “hero”, but you’ve now taken on that name big-time. That’s a very interesting choice.

 I have signed up for his blog announcement list, so I can be a regular reader.

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2 Comments on “Dicken’s Therapy on a Self-Help Blog”

  1. Dr Martin Russell Says:

    I am personally happy with mental health blog. The reason it isn’t that however is because it has too close an association with mental illness which is a minority interest.

    My approaches are more universally applicable and I want to break down the line between illness and health so that people can have something between Tony Robbins/life coaching/personal development, and psychological therapy, counselling and hypnosis.

    My blog is that bridge, and the term I have grabbed for it is “self help.” Just like you Hero, I will make the term what I want it to mean.

  2. Hero Says:

    Thanks for dropping in, Dr. Russell. By the way, I just loved your product, SelfHelpMeeting. It is on my to-do list to write a review of sorts to post here on this blog.