Blog Discovery: Paragraphein

I just found this blog, and this post about the stigmatizing of the mentally ill. It is very well thought-out. I thought at some point I might have to write a post about how difficult it has been for me to find try mental illness blogs. On Technorati, I keep on coming across references to mental illness that have nothing to do with disease, but the blurbs are about the authors falsely assuming mental illness as the cause for the latest evil act in the world. 

The blogger has had a fascinating and difficult life experience for one so young. She is bipolar and also an adoptive birth¬†mother… the main topic of the blog. It makes a very interesting read.

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2 Comments on “Blog Discovery: Paragraphein”

  1. Paragraphein Says:

    Hi Hero,

    Followed the pingback and found you here. Just wanted to comment and let you know… there ARE some really good “mental illness” blogs out there. I’ll use your Contact link to send you a note about them.

    Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Tim Says:

    I followed you to Paragrahein. He/she writes with passion. I believe that people like you lay the groundwork for a real recovery movement in America. Don’t let up.