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Another Mother’s Story

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

I received the following in an email from a reader of this blog. She gave me permission to republish it here. 

Dear Hero, I just read parts of your blog and wanted you to know that we have lots in common concerning our sons. Mine was born in October 1979. He was in gifted programs up until 9th grade. The doctor thought he might have Tourette’s at 6 when the teacher sent me in to have his eyes checked and it was tics. He had the vision of superman according to the doctor, but his “suspicion” was the Tourette’s.At 16, he finally got a diagnosis of Tourette’s, OCD and lots of ADD behaviors but no bother to fully diagnose it. My own diagnosis and other psychiatrists who never bpther to go too far with him has been Asperger’s all along, with the other symptoms waxing and waning, from month to month. He went to community college, got in through Running Start with the highest scores the counselor had ever seen in one of her high schoolers. He quit about one quarter short of an AA. Dad kicked him out at 20, to hopefully get him some help via a police call, when he threatened him once, but that only brought on more heart ache.My insurance dropped him at 23 and I was too tired to pursuit an appeal to keep him on it, so now his teeth are falling out, due to no insurance, but medicare and medicaid. Those dentists will only pull out the teeth. So I know some of your journey. I have been trying to find him an appropriate living situation, he is in an apartment through a mental health program now but very lonely, but is more skilled than the people who are in group homes.His family is worn out and yet can’t turn him away, but we are broken and it does not go away. His trials go on and on and what I have done the past ten years does as well, I often pray that God would trade me for him, to give him a better life, but so far, God has not agreed to this prayer. Sometimes, it feels that desperate. I so want him to be well and like he was when he was young. I just wanted to let you know you are being prayed for tonight. God Bless You and your family, (Another Mother)