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Blog Hunt: Mental Illness Blogs

Monday, January 21st, 2008

I felt it was time to fix up my blogroll a little more. Here are some blogs I added today.

For Better, For Worse, In Sickness, In Health
is the blog of the wife of a man with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder. I was very moved by her post about her lil’man, their three-year old son. Having a son that age, I can sympathize. Fortunately, in our case, his older brother’s illness has not affected my three-year old as profoundly.

 is the blog of a 25-year old schizophrenic. In the post Masterful Domains I was reminded that the fear of psychosis is absolutely real to the person experiencing it.

A Broken Mind
is an informational blog about schizophrenia with one of the prettier WordPress themes I think I have seen. It is an article style blog with useful, factual information. I would be curious to know a little more about the blogger’s life and what motivated them to start this blog. We all must give what we can when we can.

The Bipolar Diaries
is Danielle’s blog and she also happens to be a great amateur photographer.

A Long Walk to Forever
is Catherine’s blog. I am not sure whether she has bipolar or depression or something else, but she is recently dropping one of her medications, Geodon. I love the little poetic quips at the end of some of the posts.

Robert Wilkens Home Page
There is very little to be seen in Rob’s blog about mental health right now. I very much appreciate that reminder that people are not their diagnosis, and many people are able to get on with their lives in a very functional way. I thank Rob again for the insights he gave me into schizoaffective disorder in his comment he made here on my blog.

So there you have it. I am open to any suggestions of other blogs to add to my blogroll. Your comments are welcome below.