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Merry Christmas & a Very Good Day

Tuesday, December 25th, 2007

Gingerbread House & Christmas Stocking

‘Tis a rather dark and gloomy day in Georgia, but it only adds to the wintry feeling since cold and snow are not the norm for Christmas here. We had sprinkles of much-needed rain all day long… a blessing from heaven because of the extreme drought here.

I was up before dawn at 6 am to be out the door so I could pick up DS from his personal care home in Douglasville by 7 am and join the family at Grandma’s house by 9 am. Before we left Douglasville, CA reaffirmed that DS has been doing very well. He is being very polite, in contrast to the other resident in the home right now… a 20-year old bipolar young man who has been using a great deal of abusive language lately. DS has been given a key to his own room, which is great to preserve his feeling of control over his environment and possessions, and to protect his precious computer which has recently been connected to the internet by a wireless router and adapter… a Christmas gift from his grandparents.

As DS was putting on his shoes he started to say to me, “I just told….” I said, “you told what?” He said, “never mind.” I think he is still having trouble with voices, but they are not nearly as bad and he realizes they are not real or at least he should not represent them to be to be real, like he used to. During our long drive I did not notice one tic or twitch from his left shoulder which used to be very noticeable beginning last summer up until about a month ago. My mother and I use it as something of a barometer on how he is doing, and she noted today that he only began twitching a couple of times today, when she asked his help in the kitchen. The laughing he does when he is turned inwardly, thinking, has somewhat diminished also.

Overall, it has been a very good day with DS apparently unstressed by the large family gathering.

Merry Christmas to all my readers and good night.