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Schizophrenia and Cancer Research?

Sunday, December 16th, 2007

Now this was the last thing I expected to learn about in research. According to this article at PsychCentral, people with schizophrenia are unlikely to get cancer. There are some very peculiar things that happen on the cellular level. If I may quote:

“It’s very curious that a brain disorder [schizophrenia] associated with very complicated human behavior has at a genetic and cellular level a striking overlap with cancer, a very non-behavior related disorder. Understanding these pathways might provide us with some new strategies for thinking about cancer,” said Dr. Weinberger. 

No kidding. Also, this kind of research can help increase understanding of schizophrenia, and perhaps find a cure for it.

Another reason I wanted to bring up this research is to emphasize to anyone who does not already know, that mental illness is a physical illness. Even though the symptoms may be all behavior related and there’s no blood test for mental illness yet, that I have heard of, it is just as physical a disease as cancer, arthritis, multiple sclerosis or anything else you could name.