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He Says, She Says

Monday, December 10th, 2007

talking headsToday the owner of the personal care home, CA, telephoned me to let me know that Friendly Neighbors, the company/agency that referred her personal care home to us, was recommending a day program for my son, DS. I asked if it was mandatory for him to attend a program, and she said no. That is good because DS had a bad experience with a program in October. I was certain he would not agree but I said I would discuss it with DS.

When I spoke with DS about it he was opposed, as I knew he would be. Then I thought I would bring up with him the issue of his washing, and I asked if I cleaned the carpets with the rug machine whether it would help him to feel better. He did not promise that it would, but he said it would be nice if I cleaned the carpets. I said I would come on Sunday. Then he wanted to know what CA had said about his washing. I said she said he was showering twice a day, changing his clothes twice a day. He denied that, flat. I don’t know why she would make something like that up, but I suppose she could have mistaken the sound of water running upstairs for a shower when he was washing hands or cleaning. And I can easily suppose that DS is sufficiently aware¬†of what is going on to hide anything that could be construed as strange because he does not want his medication increased or to end up in the hospital again.

I was a bit worried about him sounding angry again. It seems like he is always angry with me. I am the one who does most of the helping and taking care of him.