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Restoration of a Favorite Pasttime

Saturday, December 8th, 2007

home computer

Today DS had his computer delivered to his personal care home, with desk, chair and a dresser full of his stuff. My dad and husband brought it to him. I stayed home with little brother and sister.

I have been hesitant about letting him take the computer out of house and using it unsupervised. With his illness I am mostly concerned about him spending money online that he shouldn’t. I am also concerned about him messing up or damaging his computer in some way when he is not thinking clearly, but so far the only thing strange he seems to do to his computer lately (when he came home for visits) is run anti-virus and anti-spyware programs all the time.

He has always been very responsible with his money, but last June when he was very severely ill he did some borrowing on his credit card that he should not have. I believe he was very confused and his memory was not working well. He had a balance of $400, paid it off with a spare $400 he had, then he charged $400 worth of stuff including a new computer monitor that he did not really need. He thought that would leave a balance of $0, but of course, that leaves a balance of $400. He is still rather distressed about that debt. His grandparents have agreed to pay it off for him by giving him $100 a month.

I have his credit cards at home, so hopefully the spending will not be an issue. My husband found out that CA, the owner of the home, already has DSL internet, so DS only needs a wireless router to get connected to the internet. His grandparents have already decided to give him one for Christmas.

When my dad and husband got back from there, I took the opportunity to grill them on what they thought of the place and what happened there. Neither one of them saw doggie pee on the floor. Good. I hope it stays that way. My dad loves dogs and actually played with them for quite a while and talked to CA about his dogs. Good. Building goodwill. My husband fixed a computer printer problem CA was having. Very good. Building even more favor.

CA was overheard to say to DS, “you have such a nice family.” Dad and husband say they think it is a better place. DS still has not complained of anything at all. I hope he will be happy there.

Leading up to First Hospitalization 2007

Saturday, December 8th, 2007

26 May  – 1 June 2007

 DS asks me to come to his room. He asks me if I hear the neighbors. (We live in a single family home a dozen yards from any neighbors.) At first he tells me he is hearing them, then he says he thinks they are listening to him, like on a two-way radio.

This is the first major clue to me that we are dealing with  psychosis or schizophrenia again. (Eventually, I am told schizoaffective disorder.) He says he does not want to see the doctor. This week becomes a week of ultimatums between DS and us, his parents. See the doctor or be homeless. Take your medicine or be homeless. Pain. Turmoil.

He finally agrees to take the medicine and go stay at his grandparents (my parents). Too little too late. Two days later I get a telephone call from my mother. DS is saying there is methamphetamine on the floors and countertops and all over her house. He fears he is high from the drugs because he thinks they get into his bloodstream when he touches them.

When his grandfather (my dad) gets home, DS agrees quickly to go to the emergency room because he fears he is high. I call my husband (DS’s father) at work and he agrees to go to the emergency room to meet them when he gets off work. From the emergency room at Kennestone Hospital in Cobb County, Georgia, DS is transferred to Wellstar Behavior Health behind Cobb Hospital. This is what used to be called a mental hospital, I guess. It is a separate building behind the regular hospital. Dad and hubby are told it is DS’s best option since his only insurance is Medicaid. They sit with him in the emergency room until 3:00 in the morning waiting for the transfer. They are told there is no point to following the ambulance to Wellstar Behavioral since they will not be able to visit him for quite a few hours.

He entered the mental hospital June 2nd.